Things to do in Huatulco, Oaxaca

Huatulco offers many recreational opportunities. The area is rich with cultural experiences in addition to the activities you might expect, including golf, scuba, tours, deep sea fishing, and more!


Things to do around Huatulco, Mexico

Huatulco Beaches
The Bahias de Huatulco area is famous for its beaches. Many nearby tranquil beaches are perfect perfect for snorkeling, swimming, fishing or just taking a plain old siesta.
Deep Sea Fishing in Huatulco
Santa Cruz Harbor (10 minutes away) offers exciting sport fishing. Also available are tours of the picturesque Huatulco bays with stops at beaches for relaxing, snorkeling or swimming.
Scuba diving in Huatulco
The Huatulco bays, and well-equipped dive shops provide opportunities for underwater exploration. You could even get scuba certified in the comfort of your own "home away from home"
Play golf in Huatulco
The nearby resort offers an 18-hole golf course which is both challenging and picturesque. There is also tennis, dining, rafting tours and shopping available.
Relax in the pools
You need not look far for relaxation and recreation when staying at Villa Pacifico. The Villa's refreshing pool and poolside palapa bar provide a comfortable venue for R&R or entertaining.
Horseback riding in Huatulco
Horseback riding tours and expeditions are available at Playa La Bocana--where the Copalita river empties into the ocean.
Traditional Oaxaca Dance
The nearby town of La Crucecita offers a wide range of entertainment opportunities, including excellent dining, cultural experiences, and night life.

Things to do in Oaxaca, Mexico

Ruins of Monte Alban
A 45-minute flight from Huatulco, the city of Oaxaca boasts numerous attractions and excursions, including the famous ruins of Monte Alban.
Zapotec stone carvings at Monte Alban
An example of the unique archeological finds at Monte Alban are the Zapotec stone carvings.
Cathedral in Oaxaca City
View the city's historic markets, cathedrals, restaurants and activities that make Oaxaca unique.
Mercado in Oaxaca
The Mercado in Oaxaca City offers total convenience, but be sure to visit the markets in nearby La Crucecita as well!